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If you looked at a crude primitive  sculpture, could you conclude that it was created by an Intelligent being and that it wasn’t created by a random process? The same could be said in the Scientific world of astronomy, physics, and biology. Yet materialistic idealog scientists have taken the intelligent design hypothesis off the table in favor of a one-sided atheistic world view.

In the Evidence for God in Science and Scripture, author Chris Singletary presents compelling arguments for the inclusion of intelligent design in a rebuttal of the materialistic world view.


The best and most recent discoveries  in each scientific field  have demonstrated the statistical impossibility that random processes could have led to the complexity we have found in nature. 


At the same time, institutionalized  religion has backed  scripturally unsound interpretations of key passages of scientific interest that further divide science and religion.


This  book  not  only  exposes  scientific  evidence supporting intelligent design, but lays bare myths presented as theological doctrine. If God created the Universe and everything in it, and inspired the Judeo-Christian scriptures, the two should be in harmony where the topic overlaps. If there is a conflict with the findings, one or both are in error. God is not double minded, nor a liar. There will be harmony in the correct interpretation of both science and scriptures.


The author also proves the divine authorship of the scriptures by examining prophecies that have been fulfilled already. Only a God who created space and time and operates outside of both could have been so accurate with the prophesies found in the scriptures.


This  book is  sure to  enlighten  anyone who  has also  taken an atheistic, agnostic, or just materialist world view and provides ample evidence to believers that an intelligence not only created the universe and all that is in it, but actively has a plan and purpose for your life. 

The book of Genesis undoubtedly has some of the hardest passages in the bible to unravel for the correct interpretations. This was meant to be unraveled in the current time to remove all excuses from accepting the truth of the bible. 

This book unravels the mystery behind Genesis Chapters 1-6 with a fresh look at what they actually say. If you hold a classically held young earth belief in the origin of the universe and life on the earth, the explanations in this book will shatter that belief for a more grounded spcriptural answer. 


Have you ever wondered?

*  Was Genesis Chapter 1 original creation or perhaps re-creation after a judgement by God?

   *  How many years ago was the Earth created?

   *  Were Adam and Eve the first humans on the planet?

   *  Were Adam and Eve the current progenitors of all life on earth or where there other humans?

   *  Where did demons come from?

   *  Where did Cain get his wife?

   *  Who were the sons of God in Genesis chapter 6 referring to?

   * Who was Genesis 6 referring to when speaking about the “giants”?


And much more! It will challenge many classically held beliefs and spur a much deeper understanding of the orderly world that God created.

UFOs/UAPs have been in the news lately and governments have finally acknowlodged they not only exist, but have been engaged by military forces around the globe.


UAPs/UFOs have even engaged our nuclear bases and ships at sea and demonstrated that they can enable and disable nuclear weapons systems without direct contact with the controls.


UAPs/UFOs have been recorded attaining speeds in excess of Mach 50 and at the same time turn around without banking or even slowing down! By reason of the doppler effect of sound waves, going faster than the speed of sound, a craft going that fast will also produce a sound shock wave, yet they are able to go several Mach and remain totally silent.


Other abilities that have demonstrated is trans-medium travel (space to air to sea, and even through the earth!)


Governments around the world are worried because these capabilities are so far ahead of anything that we possess that should they prove hostile, the military would not stand a chance.


It is the authors conclusion that these are spiritual beings and are referred to as angels (for the Lord and others against), demons, and watchers in the bible.  I have caught several of them in photographs of the night sky and I believe are a sign of the times and the soon coming of the Lord. The scriptural evidence of these as the spiritual beings they are, will surely deepen your understanding of the spiritual aspects of the world in which we live. 


This book is from the authors own experiences while photographing the night sky with never seen before photos. 

Daniel 12:4

"But you, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

chris singletary

Why was Middle of the Garden Ministries Started?

As an engineer and a Christian, I have always had a concern in how science and Christianity always seemed to be at odds with each other when they should not be. God created the universe and is therefore the creator of all true science. By his spirit, He is also the ultimate author of the Judeo / Christian scriptures, and therefore good science and good interpretation of scripture should be in agreement where the subjects overlap.

God is neither double minded, nor a liar, and the two disciplines should agree where they discuss the same topic. If they don’t agree then one, or both, are in error. The scriptures are inerrant so the problems lie either in biased scientific conclusions or poor scriptural interpretation. Middle of the Garden Ministries was started to bring a fresh look at those passages where the two disagree. 


If you would like one of our books, but do not have the resources to purchase it, please send me an email describing your issue and if it is reasonable I will send you one for free.